Herschel Walker marketing campaign linked to funder with ‘swastika’ picture on Twitter profile

The “that’s not a swastika” campaign is gonna have a tough time.

The “that’s not a swastika” marketing campaign is gonna have a troublesome time.
Screenshot: Twitter @BettinaVTX

The Herschel Walker marketing campaign’s NOT A SWASTIKA assertion has individuals asking a number of questions already answered by the assertion.

Walker, who’s working for Senate in Georgia (with a Twitter profile image of himself, shirtless, from a few years in the past, for some purpose), had to answer a report by Patricia Murphy, Greg Bluestein, and Tia Mitchell in The Atlanta Journal-Structure concerning the Twitter profile image of considered one of his main fundraisers, Bettina Sofia Viviano-Langlais — that being a picture that’s clearly a swastika made out of syringes.

Walker’s marketing campaign spokeswoman explaining that it’s “clearly an anti-mandatory vaccination graphic” is notable for its honesty. It is clearly an anti-mandatory vaccination graphic as a result of it’s equating vaccines to the Nazi Occasion.

“Herschel unequivocally opposes anti-semitism and bigotry of all types,” the spokeswoman additionally mentioned, which… okay? No one was suggesting that Walker is for anti-Semitism and bigotry? Or possibly it does must be explicitly mentioned {that a} Republican candidate doesn’t share the values of the Nazis.

It’s not that Viviano-Langlais has a swastika as a result of she’s a Nazi sympathizer, however to color vaccines as Nazism, which is simply incomprehensibly silly. On the one hand, saving tens of millions of lives with a medication whose growth helped pave the best way to new hope within the combat towards malaria, with a vaccine that’s broadly seen as almost miraculous… then again, actually the Holocaust.

The issue that Walker’s marketing campaign ought to have been addressing is the supply of his marketing campaign funding being somebody so phenomenally out of line with actuality. As a substitute, the response of being shocked that anybody would recommend Walker has an affiliation with Nazi values — nicely, that does elevate much more questions not answered by the assertion. And anyway he later cancelled the upcoming Texas fundraiser with Viviano-Langlais soooo… he should’ve realized he was abysmally shedding this case within the courtroom of non-mouthbreathing public opinion. (PS: The picture is now scrubbed from her profile.)

Would we that as a result of Walker, final November, instructed having choose states vote once more for President? And that doing so would “keep our democracy” regardless of explicitly being a plan to subvert our democracy? And the way, precisely, is Walker going to with it when he loses his personal election? Lots of questions, certainly.


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